Your building is ready to talk. Are you ready to listen?

From the earliest pyramids to the tallest skyscrapers of today, the world’s buildings are symbols of progress for our civilization.

In this spirit, humanity continues to evolve when it is tested.

With growing demand for resources like electricity- coupled with the side-effects of climate change, “listening” to our buildings has never been more important.

Today, our buildings have been challenged with finding economical ways to look after the people inside them while acting as a responsible steward to the world outside its doors.

In the case of multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs), the stats are alarming.

Key Findings

·        24% of Ontario’s multi-unit residential building (MURB) stock is electrically-heated.

·        Our initial market study has found evidence that electricity consumption for heating MURBs that are electrically heated is huge. 13% of annual electricity consumption for all multi-unit residential properties in Ontario is just for electric space heating.

·        1921 GWh/year is the total electricity consumed for space heating in the MURB sector.

·        Electric resistance baseboards are the most common heating equipment found in electrically heated MURBs.

·        On average, 42% of electricity use in electrically heated MURBs is for space heating; and as much as 65%.

Are you still there?

Are you listening?

SensorSuite ( is in a unique position to unlock the promise of the internet of things by making it possible to communicate with keys building components all at once.

Connecting traditionally unconnected equipment and machines- monitoring, analyzing and controlling processes without much human intervention, will lead to:

·        The improved management of buildings.

·        Happier occupants.

·        Improved profitability.

·        Increased building valuation.

Our solutions make it easy to retrofit existing building equipment and assets- giving them a voice.

Imagine the possibilities if your building could tell you:

–      That your boiler is leaking water.

–      That your air conditioning unit has stopped working.

–      That your electric baseboard heaters are all online being monitored and temperature controlled with your smartphone, tablet or PC?

Find out more about how your building could benefit from our unique internet of things initiatives by contacting us at

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