SensorSuite Launches $1.2 Million Project with Support from the IESO to Develop Next Generation Energy Demand Response Technology

Demand Response technology

SensorSuite® Launches Cutting-Edge Energy Pilot Project Supported Through Grant Received From IESO’s Conservation Fund

TORONTO, ON–(PRWEB – May 19, 2016) – SensorSuite®, a leading innovator in cloud-based wireless control systems for electrically heated and cooled buildings, is pleased to announce it is launching a $1.2 Million project to develop next generation demand response algorithms, wireless hardware control, and Smart Grid technology.  

SensorSuite powered Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) and Commercial facilities save money by being able to wirelessly control, monitor, and track suite temperatures in real-time through the utilization of its cloud-based dashboard.   

“The IESO is pleased to welcome SensorSuite to the list of more than 200+ projects that have received innovation funding from the IESO to advance conservation and demand management in Ontario,” says Terry Young, the IESO’s Vice-President of Conservation and Corporate Relations. “SensorSuite’s project will help enable property managers to better manage their electricity costs while maintaining tenant comfort and reducing demand placed on the grid.”

This $1.2 Million dollar Internet of Things (IoT) project will be deployed in partnership with a consortium of large asset managers across Ontario.

The reality is that electricity is much more expensive in the hours when grid consumption is at its highest. The key to the efficiency-enhancing power of IoT lies in peak usage optimization.

SensorSuite technology manages energy distribution in real-time based on immediate data rather than historic patterns of power usage. Together with smart building metrics, stakeholders could significantly reduce a building’s energy costs and improve their sustainability credentials.

“As asset managers face rising energy prices and challenges associated with older buildings, the need for systems that are smart enough to save money without human intervention and reduce operational risks have become an important part of their strategy,” said SensorSuite CEO, Robert Platek.  “SensorSuite empowers property owners with a scalable digital building assistant to address their sustainability needs now and in the future.”

SensorSuite’s SuiteHeat™ solution takes control of electrically heated and cooled buildings and shifts the power back into the hands of Property or Asset Managers.   SuiteHeat reduces energy waste and overheating/cooling by controlling temperature; capturing consumption and costs within every suite in a respective building or portfolio.


In addition, market adoption of SuiteHeat can significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a local, national, and global scale.  Buildings are responsible for more than 40% of global energy use and one third of GHG emissions, both in developed and developing countries.  

SuiteHeat™ Benefits:

–       20-30% measurable energy savings in buildings.

–       Better control of building GHG emissions.

–       Increases in property valuation.

–       Supports “in-suite” maintenance reporting.

–       Promotes a mindset of preserving and improving quality of life with less energy consumption.

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SensorSuite ( develops real-time building intelligence cloud platforms for reducing operational risks and improving the efficiency of buildings. The company creates solutions using leading-edge sensors, cloud analytics, building controls, and software interfaces to reduce energy costs, increase occupant comfort, and allow owners and occupants to extract more value out of their respective space(s).



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