How Well Does Your Company Run Without Power?

If I had to guess, not well.

Losing power for even a few hours can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue and productivity.

Power and the increases in its demand, has led to significant growth in the backup generator market.

Think about the mission critical components of your business: security systems go down, refrigerated

goods spoil, customers are turned away, computer systems go down, and production lines stop.

If your company is like many others, you have purchased or rented a backup generator to mitigate this risk.

Despite this investment, do you believe that your emergency generator will run when you need it the most?

By design, backup generators are very much anonymous heavy metal boxes- sitting isolated on a roof or nearby loading dock.

They are meant to be neither seen nor heard.

It is for this very reason that these machines are so easily neglected and/or maintained.

Today, many organizations are unable to generally hold anyone accountable for backup generator mishaps or failures because:

1)  There is typically a high turnover of Maintenance Contractors in the market.

2)  It can be difficult to pinpoint the source of a backup generator problem until it’s too late.


In recent years, the Internet of Things has driven a game-changing technical revolution that has started to disrupt traditional industries in more ways than previously imagined.

With sensor technology, Cloud and Big Data analytics, empowered backup generators are “smarter”- offering businesses an array of information and more importantly, notifications when this machine is operating outside of its specs.

Therefore, regardless of staff turnover or changes to maintenance contractor relationships, organizations can have a pulse on this critical piece of their business.


Solution Description

MachineLink by SensorSuite is a solution that connects to most backup generators.

When MachineLink is installed to interface with the backup generator, you can view its key sensory data 24/7/365.

In addition, SensorSuite's cloud-based dashboard allows users to see when their generator is operating and how much power output is realized.

Notifications of events, faults and status are all communicated instantly via SMS or email.

With a dedicated LTE Wireless Connection to an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), users can view real-time information from the generator using their smartphone, tablet or PC- even if there isn’t access to primary or secondary power sources.

Once installed, the backbone of this solution can also support the monitoring of other building equipment- capturing this data on the same unified platform.

By empowering legacy products with a dose of today’s technologies, SensorSuite solutions are easy to use and understand.

Our products not only address the present needs of our clients; they are also future friendly- for the road that we have yet to travel.

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