Xbee Pinout (Series 2)

XBEE Pinout Series 2

The following image shows the physical layout of pins 1 through 20 of an XBee. Although this is a series 2 XBee, the pin layout is identical to series 1 (805.15.4), both Pro and standard.

xbee series2 pinout

Xbee Series 2 Pinout Circuit

Xbee Pinout Series 2

* Function is not supported at the time of this release

Design Notes:

• Minimum connections: VCC, GND, DOUT & DIN
• Minimum connections for updating firmware: VCC, GND, DIN, DOUT, RTS & DTR
• Signal Direction is specified with respect to the module
• Module includes a 50k Ω pull-up resistor attached to RESET
• Several of the input pull-ups can be configured using the PR command
• Unused pins should be left disconnected

NOTE: If you are using the XBee Explorer, remember it has two extra pins, GND and 5V, as shown

xbee explorer pinout

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