SensorSuite Inc. Hires Former Ameresco President Mario Iusi as EVP

Smart building innovator hires industry veteran to help power growth

SensorSuite® Inc., a breakthrough Internet of Things (IoT) company that provides innovative wireless monitoring and energy saving solutions for multi-residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, has hired Mario Iusi as Executive Vice President. Mario brings in-depth knowledge of the energy services industry through initiatives and strategic thinking to further accelerate SensorSuite’s adoption within the market.

Mario joins SensorSuite following his tenure as the President of Ameresco Canada and has over 30 years of experience in the energy industry and is an experienced leader who has kept pace with all key developments in the marketplace since the late 1980’s.

“Our technology is all about IOT and how it relates to energy, water, and operational efficiencies within buildings”, said Robert Platek, SensorSuite’s CEO. “We are thrilled to have Mario join our team and bring his incredible experience to SensorSuite.”

Mario began his career in the energy efficiency business in the late 1980’s as Partner-owner / shareholder / COO of one of the most success energy performance contacting company in Canada . In the 1990’s he became President for Duke Energy’s energy efficiency business in Canada and in 2002 continued as President for Ameresco Inc for 13 years during which time he helped grow and expand the company across Canada. He has been instrumental in the creation of the energy performance contracting business in Canada.

He led a senior business development & management team in developing client focused solutions and creating new service innovations.

Mario Iusi commented, “As an industry we are at a key moment of our market’s development and evolution for HVAC innovation. IOT will be a disruptive, but positive force for the HVAC industry to provide clients with better tools to improve tenant comfort , maintain and operate building assets more efficiently and reduce building operating costs. I’m excited to come on board and help support the company in its future ambitions and show even more clients how the platform will help them reduce operating costs and improve building performance .”



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About SensorSuite®

SensorSuite®, an innovator in smart building technology, has created the first affordable enterprise-level smart building solution.

SensorSuite develops real-time building intelligence cloud platforms for reducing operational risks and improving the efficiency of buildings. The company creates solutions using leading-edge sensors, cloud analytics, building controls, and software interfaces to reduce energy costs, increase occupant comfort, and allow owners and occupants to extract more value out of their respective space(s).

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