SensorSuite Launches $1.2 Million Project with Support from the IESO to Develop Next Generation Energy Demand Response Technology

Demand Response technology

SensorSuite® Launches Cutting-Edge Energy Pilot Project Supported Through Grant Received From IESO’s Conservation Fund

TORONTO, ON–(PRWEB – May 19, 2016) – SensorSuite®, a leading innovator in cloud-based wireless control systems for electrically heated and cooled buildings, is pleased to announce it is launching a $1.2 Million project to develop next generation demand response algorithms, wireless hardware control, and Smart Grid technology.  

SensorSuite powered Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) and Commercial facilities save money by being able to wirelessly control, monitor, and track suite temperatures in real-time through the utilization of its cloud-based dashboard.   

“The IESO is pleased to welcome SensorSuite to the list of more than 200+ projects that have received innovation funding from the IESO to advance conservation and demand management in Ontario,” says Terry Young, the IESO’s Vice-President of Conservation and Corporate Relations. “SensorSuite’s project will help enable property managers to better manage their electricity costs while maintaining tenant comfort and reducing demand placed on the grid.”

This $1.2 Million dollar Internet of Things (IoT) project will be deployed in partnership with a consortium of large asset managers across Ontario.

The reality is that electricity is much more expensive in the hours when grid consumption is at its highest. The key to the efficiency-enhancing power of IoT lies in peak usage optimization.

SensorSuite technology manages energy distribution in real-time based on immediate data rather than historic patterns of power usage. Together with smart building metrics, stakeholders could significantly reduce a building’s energy costs and improve their sustainability credentials.

“As asset managers face rising energy prices and challenges associated with older buildings, the need for systems that are smart enough to save money without human intervention and reduce operational risks have become an important part of their strategy,” said SensorSuite CEO, Robert Platek.  “SensorSuite empowers property owners with a scalable digital building assistant to address their sustainability needs now and in the future.”

SensorSuite’s SuiteHeat™ solution takes control of electrically heated and cooled buildings and shifts the power back into the hands of Property or Asset Managers.   SuiteHeat reduces energy waste and overheating/cooling by controlling temperature; capturing consumption and costs within every suite in a respective building or portfolio.


In addition, market adoption of SuiteHeat can significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a local, national, and global scale.  Buildings are responsible for more than 40% of global energy use and one third of GHG emissions, both in developed and developing countries.  

SuiteHeat™ Benefits:

–       20-30% measurable energy savings in buildings.

–       Better control of building GHG emissions.

–       Increases in property valuation.

–       Supports “in-suite” maintenance reporting.

–       Promotes a mindset of preserving and improving quality of life with less energy consumption.

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SensorSuite ( develops real-time building intelligence cloud platforms for reducing operational risks and improving the efficiency of buildings. The company creates solutions using leading-edge sensors, cloud analytics, building controls, and software interfaces to reduce energy costs, increase occupant comfort, and allow owners and occupants to extract more value out of their respective space(s).



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SensorSuite and Novotech Partner to Deliver Monitoring Services

Ottawa, ON, May 12, 2016 – Novotech Technologies, a distributor of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT) products, services and solutions, and SensorSuite, an IoT company that provides innovative wireless monitoring and energy saving solutions, today announced a partnership that combines award-winning monitoring capabilities and best-in-class distribution expertise to deliver Monitoring Services for property managers and business owners alike.

For property managers concerned about Energy efficiencies, SensorSuite’s real-time sensor intelligence platform connects managers to their buildings and the machines within. Novotech’s bundled Energy Monitoring Service, powered by SensorSuite, goes a step further by putting all the pieces together to help reduce operational risks while also optimizing the key assets consuming energy which range from HVAC and elevators, to air handlers, lighting, servers and security systems.
For businesses that rely on accurate temperatures in freezers and fridges, Novotech’s Refrigeration Monitoring Service, powered by SensorSuite’s newest wireless monitoring device called FridgeLink, will save energy costs and reduce the risk of inventory loss. Considering that hardware failure or inaccurate temperature readings account for the majority of losses related to spoilage, Novotech’s new Refrigeration Monitoring Service can help owners plan for preventative maintenance and predict problems in advance of them happening.

“We are an energy management and cloud analytics platform that lets executives and managers to get more value out of their assets, space and equipment,” says Robert Platek, CEO of SensorSuite. “We believe our partnership with Novotech will expand our sales channel and reach more customers who are looking to optimize business performance.”

“These Energy and Refrigeration Monitoring Services, powered by SensorSuite, are the beginning of our new Service offerings which are being designed to meet the needs of many markets and verticals,” says Richard Hobbs, President at Novotech. “This partnership with SensorSuite speaks to the growing demand for sensor-driven solutions that deliver almost immediate business advantages.”

Key Features of SensorSuite Wireless Sensors:
• Intuitive cloud sensor monitoring and alerting software (accessible from anywhere)
• Military grade, encrypted wireless mesh protocol
• Cellular and Ethernet gateways available
• Wireless hardware optimized for reliable, low power and long range operation

Key Features of Novotech’s Monitoring Services:
• Build your own bundle according to your specific needs
• Flexible Monitoring Packages – 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months
• Access to expertise and technical support from an industry leader in M2M/IoT

About Novotech Technologies:
Through strategic partnerships with many of the world’s most advanced Machine-to-Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers, Novotech Technologies is a leading distributor of M2M/IoT products, services and solutions. To produce tangible outcomes that include reduced costs, optimized fleets/workforces, improved productivity and enhanced customer service, Novotech’s comprehensive portfolio of M2M/IoT solutions – cellular, GPS and satellite – enable immediate communication, tracking and reporting in a wide range of applications. Established in 2001, Novotech is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, with offices throughout Canada and the United States. | @NovotechM2M

About SensorSuite Inc.
SensorSuite is an Internet of Things infrastructure company involved in the design and manufacturing of turnkey, self-installing, low cost wireless sensor solutions targeted at the commercial, industrial and consumer markets. SensorSuite’s sensing solutions are designed to be easily installed and used by anyone wanting to remotely monitor information and activities, including: temperature, access, presence of water, light, humidity, and vibration in or around structures, machinery, and various environments.

Novotech Media Contact
Carolyn Gardner – Director of Marketing & Communications
Mobile: 613.878.9294

SensorSuite Media Contact
Robert Platek – CEO
Mobile: 647-284-6656

Press release:

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The Benefits of Remote Boiler Monitoring

Many commercial property managers and owners operate with an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude when it comes to the maintenance of their commercial boiler.

In the short-run, this might help in curbing costs, but what could happen down the road? Issues such as decreased boiler efficiency, costly breakdowns, and premature failure are on the rise.

Commercial boiler life expectancy is also falling- and many of those that should care simply accept this reality as a cost of doing business.

Perhaps it makes sense to let your old boiler die so that you can roll-out a new high-efficiency one.

Certainly, there are several business and social benefits for doing so such as:

  •  Reduced heating costs.
  •  Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increased profitability and competitiveness.

But as enticing as this may sound, high-efficiency commercial boilers have created a new challenge for the market.

Higher efficiency units have more fans, sensors, switches, relays, and electronics. With the increase in parts and components, the points of failure are significantly higher.

In addition, the computers/circuit boards in higher efficient units are far more prone to failure than older electrical/relay controls- and they cost a LOT more to fix when they do fail.

You can expect to pay twice as much for a contractor visit to address issues with a high-efficiency boiler.

Furthermore, you can also expect several more visits during its life-span.

Let’s also not forget the increased risk of contractor error. The prospect that you will pay for needless repairs or for things a contractor broke or fried due to lack of knowledge or training is very real.

Until recently, monitoring a boiler’s performance was easier said than done. But thanks to BoilerLink by SensorSuite (, all building stakeholders- especially down-market where technology adoption is limited or absent, can now reap the benefits reserved for those that have the money and resources to do so.

Utilizing SensorSuite’s easy-to- use cloud dashboard and an internet connection, BoilerLink is able to detect small variations in boiler performance and report them in real-time to a smartphone, tablet or PC.

After receiving these alerts, not only would they help key stakeholders maintain peak operational efficiency, but also minimize costly repairs and arguably extend a boiler’s life.

From a cost savings perspective, BoilerLink can clearly cut spending in a variety of ways:


Boiler Optimization – Charts and historical data logs give stakeholders the ability to optimize their boiler’s performance. These optimizations allow for energy savings and as a result, reduce expenses for a given building.

Alarm Notification – Custom alarms provide immediate notification, so that problem can be addressed immediately.

Reduced Maintenance Time – Boilers can monitored 24/7/365- eliminating the need for many maintenance check-ups. Furthermore, multiple boilers in a portfolio of multiple building can be monitored at the same time all on one cloud dashboard.

Maintain Warranty – Eliminate the risk of a warranty being voided due to boiler misuse or neglect.

Avoid Costly Upgrades – Extend the life of a given boiler by installing BoilerLink at a fraction of the cost.


Today, as it relates to accountability, many property stakeholders are unable to generally hold anyone accountable for boiler mishaps or damage because:

1)  There’s typically a high turnover of Property Managers and Maintenance Contractors in the space.

2)  It’s difficult to pinpoint the source of a boiler problem until it’s too late.

A building’s boiler is like the human heart. It provides heat and circulation. Its works is unseen. And when it fails, the rest of the system will follow shortly thereafter.

Maintaining a commercial boiler for the sake of those who rely on it to perform as intended is as essential as it is for a person with a heart problem to avoid the conditions that lead to a heart attack.

Let SensorSuite help you keep your boiler “healthy”.

Learn more about how our Smart Building Initiatives make sense, visit or email:

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