RESELLERS WANTED: Ontario Commercial HVAC Companies

Forward-thinking businesses are now discovering the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

At SensorSuite, we’re looking for Commercial HVAC companies that are looking for a competitive advantage for their business to help lead the charge.

By joining SensorSuite’s reseller program, you will earn commissions, recurring revenue, and stay on the leading edge of technology solutions for your customers.


With BoilerLink, SensorSuite is looking to disrupt the property management space from the boiler room up.

SensorSuite ( uses low-cost sensors and cloud-based web and smartphone apps to shake up a market currently owned by the big guys.


Why BoilerLink?

BoilerLink’s cloud-based dashboard empowers stakeholders with boiler analytics on a smartphone, tablet, or PC- allowing them to identify any deficiencies and take corrective action as needed.

From a cost savings perspective, BoilerLink can cut spending in a variety of ways:

Boiler Optimization- Charts and historical data logs give stakeholders the ability to optimize their boiler’s performance. These optimizations allow for energy savings and as a result, reduce expenses for a given building.

Alarm Notification- Custom alarms provide immediate notification, so that problem can be addressed immediately.

Reduced Maintenance Time- Boilers can monitored 24/7/365- eliminating the need for many maintenance check-ups. Furthermore, multiple boilers in a portfolio of multiple building can be monitored at the same time all on one cloud dashboard.

Maintain Warranty- Eliminate the risk of a warranty being voided due to boiler misuse or neglect.

Avoid Costly Upgrades- Extend the life of a given boiler by installing BoilerLink at a fraction of the cost.


With BoilerLink, it collects, retains, and logs all the data readings from a given boiler- empowering stakeholders with real-time and historical information.

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Before you know it, you’ll be adding value to your customers by providing them with an innovative solution that is easy to understand, sell, and implement.

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