Introducing the SensorSuite SuiteStat° for Hotels





Hotels Have Unique Opportunities to Save Energy

According to hotel industry statistics, utilities make up 30% of the average US hotel’s operating costs-a huge percentage with a major impact on the bottom line and the environment. Inefficient use of lights, heating, and air conditioning is one of the major culprits in this waste of resources. A single guest room’s HVAC unit can cost over $1,000 per year to run, depending on local energy costs and climate SensorSuite’s wireless controllers can play an important role in reducing energy consumption in hotels. The potential savings are impressive: according to one EnergyStar estimate, cutting energy usage by just 10% could save nearly $300 million for the industry as a whole.


The SensorSuite™ Solution

SensorSuite’s SuiteStat° is a new breed of distributed sensor and control technology that can control anything based on distributed wireless sensor nodes. In hotels, occupancy sensors placed in all guestrooms detect movement in the room, to determine whether guests have just arrived, or just left. If the sensors detect that the room is empty, the lights are switched off and the air conditioning or heating is turned down, but only by a few degrees at first. This way, if guests have only stepped out for breakfast or a swim, they will scarcely notice any temperature difference when they return to their room. If no one comes back to the room for an hour or so, the climate controls are set back an additional few degrees. This system enables energy usage to be reduced during the day without guests being affected. The minimum and maximum temperatures for the rooms can also be set to a level that is still comfortable-for instance, 60 degrees-so that even after being out all day with the energy saving system working, guests don’t return to a room that is too hot or cold. If the sensors detect that people have just entered the room, the air conditioning or heating is immediately turned back to the level last set by the occupants. At any time, the temperature controls can also be set manually.

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