Using Wireless Sensors to monitor area and door access

wireless door sensor

Wireless door sensor


Whether you are a large business or a small “mom & pop” shop, you want to ensure employee safety, protect your company assets and track access to your building or certain areas within your facility.

SensorSuite provides a remote monitoring solution for commercial small businesses. SensorSuite wireless sensor systems can help you detect and track access to buildings, rooms, cabinets and other areas. Sensor alerts can be set to alert during certain hours of the day, allowing you to know immediately of any unauthorized access after business hours. We recommend using SensorSuite’s affordable wireless open/closed sensors to track and monitor the doors and windows to any area you want to remotely monitor for access. We also recommend using SensorSuite’s wireless infrared motions sensors to monitor rooms and open areas for motion/movement of humans or larger animals up to 16 feet away.

Know immediately of any unauthorized access to monitored buildings, rooms, or areas.

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Sensors are about to disrupt your industry

Wireless sensors

Wireless sensors are starting to unleash a wave of disruptive innovation that will bring with it immense entrepreneurial opportunities.

There will be more wireless sensors in our world–by far–than there are smartphones, dumb phones, tablets, laptops and PCs combined. Billions upon billions today–and trillions tomorrow.

They will give us superhuman senses: to see “through” walls, to “hear” sounds many miles away, to “know” things we never could have known before.

No matter the size of your company, the ability to look at this new sensor-enabled world through the eyes of an entrepreneur is the price of admission. Already, thousands of startups around the world are laser-focused on implementing new business models that disrupt the status quo.

SensorSuite is working on the best and easiest to use sensor networks on the planet … signup at to find out as soon as we launch!

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